Residential & Commercial Chimney Cleaning Services in Maine Areas

Since 2010, Donahue's Maintenance & Masonry has offered chimney cleaning services to property owners in the Houlton, ME, area. If you own a home in the Houlton area that utilizes a chimney, you may not think of the benefits to having a clean chimney. Cleaning a chimney can increase heating efficiency, avoid fires or combustion, and limit exposure to carbon monoxide. We can come to your home and thoroughly clean your chimney to prevent any of these potential hazards from coming to fruition.

We also offer chimney cleaning and chimney sweeping services to commercial properties in Aroostook County, ME. For more information or an estimate on chimney cleaning services, please give us a call today at (207) 538-6346.

Protect Your Chimney Walls With a Chimney Liner from Donahue's

Part of having a chimney is keeping the walls safe from corrosion and heat. In many circumstances, the best way to protect your chimney's walls is by having our masonry contractors install a chimney liner. Chimney liners serve multiple functions, the most important of which is filtration. Using a chimney liner protects the entire building from exposure to heated combustibles.

Additionally, using a chimney liner can prevent home residents from exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning. For more information on how to install a chimney liner, or to learn about all of the benefits, contact our masonry contractors in Houlton, ME, today.

Chimney Tops Have Many Benefits for Local Homeowners

Another service you should consider for your chimney is a top or cap to protect your home. Adding a chimney top reduces moisture in your home, which protects your fireplace and walls from rain damage, mold, and mildew. Additionally, it keeps leaves, sticks, and animals from entering the chimney or building up over time. A chimney top can also protect your roof from catching on fire due to out-of-control sparks and embers. Give Donahue's Maintenance & Masonry a call today to learn about the benefits of chimney tops or other chimney services for the Houlton area.

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